Maximum Motorsports Rear Control Arms

As part of the maximum grip box, I installed the set of lower control arms. These arms have a urethane bushing at the chassis end and a spherical at the other end.  I didn’t need the spring perches but I wanted the sway bar mounts (for rear disk brakes, the factory e-brake cable retaining bracket is connected to the same hole as the sway bar mounts.  I wanted to retain this.).

I also installed the “Wild Rides” torque box reinforcement brackets for the lowers.  The kit included the upper brackets too – but I no longer use upper control arms, so…  These fit really well.  I tightened the control arm/chassis bolt first and the bracket pulled up nice and flush with the seat base above it. I drilled and mounted the top plate and then covered it with a sound deadening material – I imagine some additional NVH will want to transmit through this area.

All-in-all a simple install.  Grease the bushings really well to avoid squeaks.  I’ll post the torque arm install next – which is when the actual rear end goes back into the car.