Back Story

I bought this domain name ( years back because I thought it would be neat to have the me at email address.  Of course, it refers to my 1993 Mustang Coupe which I purchased (for the first time) from the original owner in 2003.  I made some changes to the car at the time and sold the car in 2005.  I regretted selling it instantly and 5 years later, I bought it back.  The previous owner disassembled the car and that’s how it was returned to me.

This is what it looked like when I got it back.

One good thing is that the owner had some good plans for the car and had purchased some high dollar parts, like a Dart based 331 engine and Vortech supercharger.

I’ve since sold the 331 engine, supercharger and other parts that didn’t fit my plans.  I’m going to be installing a 2012 5.0 Coyote engine along with many other performance upgrades.  It should be a coupe like no other!


I’ll use this site to document the re-assembly process, along with some interesting modifications.  Maybe 2-3 people will check it out and hopefully gain some useful knowledge.

I’ll also include other Mustang news that I consider interesting, so get the RSS feed!