93 Foxbody Coyote Mustang at Sebring

Got the coyote project ready just in time for Sebring this year. I ran in group 2 this year. The build was fresh so I wanted an instructor in the car again (group 3 and above is solo, which means you drive alone). The wind noise in the video below is horrible but if you listen, you can tell that I kept the car one gear higher than I could have, to keep the RPMs down on the new motor. Next time, I’m going all out! Here is some footage from the event:


If you’d like to get involved in open track events with your Mustang or other sports car, check out http://www.trackguys.com. This organization is great for everyone. The event is separated into groups – the beginner groups requiring an instructor in the car (this is an excellent way to learn and stay safe!) and the more advanced groups running solo.