2012 Boss 302 Seats Installed in Fox Coupe

img_1623-2I finally got these installed.  I used a set of stock fox seat tracks, sliders and springs to mount the Boss 302 seats in the 93.

First, remove the OEM seat tracks from the Boss seats.

Note, the OE seat track for the drivers seat also had a manual control lever that is integrated into the track.  You must remove the lever and then use the cap that originally attached to the lever to fill the empty hole.

The Fox seat tracks mount to the seat on a 14″ x 14″ square pattern.  You can see here that the stock track rests on an edge that is on boss seats.  This was just about right.

I riveted the tracks in first to test fitment.

Finally ran bolts with lock washers and this was the result.

Sorry about the poor lighting.  Next is to get some suspension back under the car – then some outside shots!