T-56 Magnum and McLoed RST Clutch installed!

I apologize for not taking more pictures, but the install is done and the improvements are huge!

- T-56 Magnum Transmission
- McLeod RST Twin-Disc Clutch
- Exedy lightweight steel flywheel
- Adjustable pivot ball

There were a few challenges here. I’d say this install required more “finesse” than the Coyote swap itself.

- Cut off the original trans mounts and weld in a set from a 98 Cobra. Take care to weld them so that you have your desired pinion angle but not so hight that the trans gets pinched.

- Set pivot ball height. You’ll need to R&R the trans a few times for this. I bought 4 extra long bolts of the sane threads which allowed the trans to slide far enough back to make adjustments – then it went straight back in.

- I had to modify the trans crossmember to clear the exhaust. I just sectioned a piece out and boxed it back in with a MIG.