Smoothing the Engine Bay Round 2

Ok, when I repurchased the car, the previous owner had started the long project of smoothing the engine bay.  In doing so, he also removed the A/C from the car, filling those holes in as well (a big no-no back here in Florida!).

Here’s how the car was when I got it back:

A lot of the bare metal was left exposed from the previous project and it had sat long enough for that metal to start rusting.  Also, the USC “All-Metal” filler would crack anywhere that I tried to work on it – so most of it had to come out.

I ended up using the “Perfect Paint Job” instructions from Southern Polyuerethanes.  It basically goes like this:

Do your metal work
Epoxy Primer (SPI)
Filler (Evercoat Rage Gold)
2K Primer (SPI)
Epoxy Sealer (SPI)
Clear (SPI)

I’m doing the final blocking on the 2K Primer now and hope to base and clear this weekend.  Here are some more current pictures: