Smoothing Engine Bay – Epoxy Sealer

After all of the filler, primer and block sanding is done, you’re ready for your base coat color, right?  Maybe not.  Frequently when sanding in preparation for base coat, you’ll end up breaking through a layer or two of your previous work.  This isn’t usually a big deal but those different materials MIGHT show up as looking just a bit different once you do your final painting.  A sealer coat gives you a uniform surface to work with when you apply your color.

In my case, I used a slightly reduced SPI Epoxy Primer (  The only downside to doing this is that it’s one more coat that has the potential to introduce some orange peel.  In these pictures, it looks very glossy..I actually thought I’d be basing right over this because it looked so smooth.  Upon further inspection, it had just the slightest orange peel texture to it, so I decided to smooth it down with 600 grit sandpaper before I shoot the color.  I’ll post some more pictures this week of the sanding process and the final painting.  THEN I can move on to the suspension and brakes!