Mustang 8.8 Rear End Removal and Cleanup

Ford didn’t paint the rear end in these cars so even though it has low miles, this rear end was looking a little rough.  It was going to be mostly disconnected for the lower control arm and torque arm installations, so I took the opportunity to clean it up and paint it.

The two products that I like for this are Simple Green degreaser and VHT Black Roll-Bar Paint.  I only recently discovered the VHT paint at my local auto parts store and it’s awesome.  It sticks and doesn’t easily scratch.

Don’t for get to unhook the rear brake line connection before lowering your rear end too much – see pics.

I had to remove the axles in order to take the caliper brackets off.  In doing so, I discovered that the small bolt that retains the center pin was rounded off slightly.  I had to tack weld a box wrench to it in order to remove it.  Purchased a new one to replace it.

Sorry the pictures aren’t in order. :(