Hydroboost Brake Pedal Assembly Modified for Fox Mustang

I can’t even say that it was modified.  The procedure involves cutting the steering column mounting assembly from a stock fox pedal assembly and welding it to a Hydroboost pedal assembly from any 96-04 Mustang.

I saw this in a post by Foxinator and it made a lot of sense.  I decided to give it a shot.  Check out hit excellent thread on Modularfords.com.

You can see the differences (and similarities) between the two OEM setups in the first few pictures.  I painted the fox setup with some silver paint so that my marker would show up a little better.  The key here is to leave as much metal as possible on the column mounting half.  I had to add a little brace to mine (as did foxinator) to bridge the gap left by not leaving enough metal when I separated the two pieces.