BUILDING a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang Engine

I originally planned on a 2011 Coyote Crate Engine for my 93 coupe.  Plans change.  I REALLY liked the idea of being different and using a Boss 302 Crate engine but the $11,000 price tag really put me off.  After examining some prices of internet Boss 302 engine parts from Ford Racing, I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to build a Boss 302 spec engine myself.  I hope to come in at an only slight price bump over the stock GT crate Coyote.

First will be the short block, then I’ll allow my depleted funds to rejuvenate before I dive into the CNC ported Boss-specific cylinder heads and associated timing gear.

Block – The Boss block is a standard production Coyote aluminum piece so no tricks here.  It comes standard production bore and “should” (I’ve received mixed reports on this) accept the production Boss 302 Pistons.

Crankshaft – This is a Boss 302 specific crankshaft in that it comes pre-balanced for the Boss 302R Piston/Rod combo.

Pistons/Rods – Ford was kind enough to sell the piston/rods already balanced for the Boss crankshaft.

What’s interesting to me about this build is the possibility of OEM quality (argue amongst yourselves on that one) without needing to visit a machine all.  I’m hoping to be able to simply bolt this engine together (after careful measuring), as it comes from Ford – which takes the challenge of finding (any paying!) a qualified machinist to prepare your parts.