Boss 302 Engine Build – Crankshaft Rods and Pistons


Received some of the basic short block parts for assembling the Boss 302 engine.  The block itself is backordered until later this month.  Everything looks as it should.  I’m going to get some of the other internal engine parts ordered up this week and should be able to assemble the engine as soon as the block arrives.  I also picked up the Boss 302 oil pan.

It’s hard to beat Tousley Ford pricing – ask for Steve and tell him Jeff Foster sent ya!

Boss 302 Crankshaft M-6303-M50B – $242.00 (I couldn’t believe it either!)
Boss 302R Piston/Rod/Ring Combo M-6100-M50BR – $759.00
Boss 302 Oil Pan M-6675-M50B – $91.00
Boss 302 Harmonic Balancer (Ford Service Part) CR3Z-6312-A $55.72
Coyote/Boss Aluminum Block  M-6010-A50 – $1100.00