93 Mustang Coupe Wheels?

The suspension isn’t even done yet and I’m trying to decide what wheels I’ll end up running.  The car already has a 5-lug conversion and Fox-length axles, which worked pretty nicely with the 17×9 10th Anniversary wheels that I ran on the stock k-member setup.  I’m concerned though that the new front suspension is going to slightly increase the front track on the car..and it was already pretty close with the 275 tires.  I still have these wheels but like I mentioned, I have a feeling that they aren’t going to fit.



The next option is to use the set of Forgeline wheels that I bought back from a certain wrecked 2003 Mach 1.  I loved these wheels and Forgeline no longer makes this style, hence the reason I went through the trouble to obtain this damaged set….

The wheel shells are bent so the entire wheel will have to be rebuilt.  Since these are 3-piece wheels, I would have the opportunity to modify the backspacing during the rebuild.  As you can see above, they fit pretty well but I think the fronts are at 9.5″ wide and I really need to bring it down to 9 and determine the correct backspacing.  The wheels are in good enough shape right now to use the for a test fit.  Next week, I should be done with the suspension and will be able to drop it on the ground.

I’d probably go with a silver or metallic grey center – so they’d resemble this when completed.

Now…the Forgeline wheels that I am REALLY in love with right now are these new Forgeline DS3 beauties.  Click here to check out the different styles on Forgeline’s website.  Unfortunately, as with most projects, costs go up and if I want a set of Forgelines, I’ll have to concede to repairing the ones I already own…not a bad concession, really!


The 3rd and distant option would be to fit the new 2011 GT500 wheels that Ford Racing is offering for a relative STEAL.  They are 18×9.5 and while that might work out OK for the rears, the fronts would need to be narrowed.  I’m following a great thread right now at SoutheasternFoxbodies.com where the owner is doing just that.  I’m really curious to see how this is going to look and fit.


So right now it looks like the rebuilt Forgelines are going to be the way to go but I’m not doing anything until I see those Shelby wheels mounted up.  If I had no wheels and a few extra $ – I’d be all over those Forgeline DS3s, no questions asked.