2012 Mustang Boss 302 Block Prep for engine build!

I finally received the coyote 5.0 block.  It was discontinued by Ford Racing and is supposedly pending replacement by a revised version.  The new block will no longer have the option for oil squirters and uses a slightly smaller diameter head bolt.  I wonder if there was some weakness in the deck of the previous block that necessitated the head bolt revision?

This discontinued version of the block as part number M-6010-A50L4V


One thing that I noticed right away was that many of the machined surfaces inside the block had numerous burrs and shavings just waiting to fall off into the engine oil.  Technically, these should get picked up by the oil filter but why chance it?


I used a small round file to knock off all of the free/extra aluminum that Ford had to offer.  I’m more comfortable with it on the floor of my garage vs my oil pan.